Kitakitatau I created this for the fun of hell wrote before, but during the recent years I have become a serious blogging.

Proved to me to replace this blog domain with paid domain, I used to just capitalize blogspot wrote. But, since I change this blog domain with the Top Level Domain (TLD), I became more routine care for my cupu this blog. Slowly I have found direction in the world of blogging.

Some of this week even I was busy cleaning the articles that link adf * ly, why cleaned because I want this blog visitors can more enjoy in finding the necessary information, and does not interfere with the download link that run to adf * ly.

In the future, this blog will be more serious in making articles on:

  1. Adsense: The story of my experiences during the search for money through adsense
  2. Blogger: The story of my experiences during blogging especially Bloggger
  3. Android Tips Android mobile phone service, especially cell phones that I have tried and succeeded in, if not managed yet I post how.
  4. Templates: Sharing a template of my choice that I think is good and certainly interesting for collection.
  5. Tips & Tricks: I am going to share here, sort of a hodgepodge.
  6. Widget: Share widget bloggger I've modified, and have been my own use.

More or less this is what I always discussed on this blog, if interested in my writings fanspage friend can follow this blog, because I will continue to update there.

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