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Super-Sume Pro
If you want other root methods supported, email me..
Note 4 users, this will fight for your right for root !! (Warning: Do NOT remove apps from /system/apps or /system/priv-app or it could cause issues. Block them instead from either the command line or with Debloater)
Also, Note 4 users, turn OFF automatic updates in the Playstore, because it will uninstall and reinstall this app during an update and when that happens you will lose protection.

Download & Links

Kingo Root users, if after you run the app and you see it re-launch and ask for SuperSU permission, the app might hang after you press the Big Blue button on Stage 2, just force close the app and run it again, it should then run fine.

Soft reboot button built into the program on the upper right, under the context menu / 3 dots..
(KingRoot 4.1 users, install this AFTER you have rooted with KingRoot !!)
What’s New
  • Major Update to support KingRoot 5.x removal
  • Fixed 64 bit devices
  • Fixed issue with Android 5.x
  • Just keep closing those kingroot popups and go back to Super-Sume Pro
  • Trying to fix Sony devices and /system mounts
  • Removed support for old Android OS’s
  • Added some protection mechanisms
  • Please leave a review, I need to hear from you
  • Updated to properly support Marshmallow releases
  • Yes you will now be prompted for SuperSU to update binaries, just choose Normal.
How to Install ?
  1. Download & Install the Apk from the links given below
  2. Done ! Enjoy :)

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